Final touch piece




I have been having a burst of energy finishing the touch pieces for my paper at the weekend on Walter Benjamin.  I have been reading more about him and apparently he loved the baroque and the piling up of fragments.  Hurrah, as that’s pretty much how I like to work.  This piece again uses leftovers, this time, rather surprisingly, the substrate for the applique is a few recycled zebra-striped dog poo bags which were ironed together to make plastic paper.  I managed  to get a distressed effect on one piece which I put over this fantastic pink furnishing fabric:



But this piece rather proves my point to myself that I find it very difficult not to embroider things.  I was stitching the plastic paper to the velvet when I thought how much the circles looked like a lion’s mane, and also that the little flags at the top which I had already put on, looked vaguely circus-y.  I really dislike circuses, by the way, but I think I was feeling a bit whimsical.  This is one sweet-faced lion, made from a sample of furnishing silk, hence the random stripe:


Just in case you are interested, the poo bags came from a bargain shop and turned out to be false economy.  Only the first five bags on the roll were actually bags, after that they turned into plastic sheets with no ‘seams’.  But they do make nice plastic paper if you iron them together under greaseproof paper.  You can use plain supermarket plastic bags which are usually white and rub paint into them, but the animal stripes do most of the work for you.

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