Possible inspiration – Warsaw style



I am temporarily back from my travels, which included a trip to Warsaw to the conference of an organisation I chair (www.scos.org).  Warsaw is a fascinating place which really brings home the reality of the violence of the last century.  A great deal of the old town has been rebuilt to restore the capital to its former glory as a way of asserting Polish identity.  This means that what you think is really old on closer inspection turns out to be a modern rebuild, which I think was the case with our hotel, which was lovely but not the Edwardian palace it looked like.

The art deco feel was rather magnificent, though, (and only affordable through an internet deal).  These are some pictures of it which might one day serve as a starting point for a piece of work:

IMG_2058 IMG_2059 IMG_2062 IMG_2063

All very Klimt-y.  The final two photos are of a cut work leather panel which was very stylish:






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