Textiles for when you can’t sleep.

The other night I was finding it very difficult to sleep, so I turned on the television and watched Troy (2006).  It is not a great film, but it does have the most fantastic costumes.  The Trojans wear gorgeous indigo-dyed outfits, and it is worth watching just for those.  I couldn’t find many pictures on the web, but all the way through people turn up in beautifully dyed cloth.  Towards the end Peter O’Toole as Priam turns up in a gorgeous white robe with dip-dyed indigo shoulders.  Lovely.  Here are a few pictures that I could find.

images-2 images imgres-1

I suggest some knitting or something for the interminable battle scenes, though.

2 thoughts on “Textiles for when you can’t sleep.

  1. I seem to rememeber hating troy, partly because battles always bore me, but mostly because they ignore the role played by the women of troy – both before and after the iliad the women are some of the strongest motivating characters. I love the whole cycle of revenge played out by klytemnestra in the orestiea, but hecuba and her daughters play a vital role in the iliad too, reflecting the cycles of lament and revenge that were important in dark age greek culture, and which even lasted through to theearly c20th in the mani. Even Helen played quite a minor role in the film. I think i was too angry about it to pay any much attention what they were wearing

  2. These are all good points, and I am usually on the case, but the whole thing is so bad it’s hard to know where to start. I’m going to blog about the VandA David Bowie exhibition next week and that was remarkable for Dave never having met any women ever in his life.

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