False economy


A cautionary tale.  I am a big advocate of using cheap thread in the bobbin when doing machine embroidery.  I think it makes me, at least, freer in my use of machine stitching because I am not thinking about the precious thread.  I know lots of people insist you need special thread but pretty standard polyester stuff seems to work fine for me.

But one place where I should know better is sewing machine needles.  I was working on the project that I will be blogging about soon, and using cheap sewing machine needles and it was a lesson in false economy.  I broke four.  When I changed to the more expensive brand I usually use the problems seemed to evaporate.  Lesson learned.

2 thoughts on “False economy

  1. I agree, I sent for some needles off the internet with a well known name from my youth but they were useless and I just threw them away in the end. Now even when I work on metal shim I just use a good quality needle that has lost it’s edge for better work. Will take your advice on using cheaper threads in bobbin however where they don’t show, just never thought about it.

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