My new toy




Oh dear.  The Medieval Historian bought me a new camera for my wedding anniversary present.  It is a super low-tech Diana mini, which feels like a toy camera and uses 35mm film which you still have to get developed and wait for the prints.  Ah, the nostalgia.  I wanted one of these cameras because you can do double exposures and half frame prints and they have a slightly vintage-y kind of feel.  But as with any photographs resulting in prints, I can’t help wanting to show you some results.

You can buy a little gizmo for turning the prints into digital form, but the man who develops mine throws in a free CD.  This seems to be defeating the object a bit, but it does mean I can put the photos through a filter package I have on my computer.  So here are some results.  I promise it will not become a regular feature.



This is the split frame – which means you get 70+ photographs from a roll of film.  These two  pictures epitomise the urban landscape around my part of Bristol for me.  This is another unfiltered multiexposure shots:



And this is what happens when you get the filter package out:

CNV00001 _Snapseed CNV00008 _Snapseed CNV00011 _Snapseed CNV00018 _Snapseed CNV00020 _Snapseed CNV00025 _Snapseed


Lots of fun – and now to try printing onto fabric…

4 thoughts on “My new toy

  1. I am sure you will find lots of creative things to do with this camera. My daughter has one, actually she is on her second as the first was stolen, and does makes really interesting images mainly in monochrome. She often uses these as a basis for jewlery.

    1. Oh, dear – I hope she was okay. Thanks for this – I think it takes more practice to make interesting images than the hype would have us believe, but they are fun. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Ann

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