Finding inspiration in different places




Since my elevation to the peerage (I have been promoted at work from Senior Lecturer to Reader, which is meaningless outside the university, but very meaningful indeed within it – and the Medieval Historian is now Professor Medieval Historian), I have very little time left over from the day job so my posts have been a bit few and far between.  I don’t want to let the blog go, though, so here are some more inspirational things for me.

The first, surprisingly is from nature.  Walking the mutt makes me at least conscious of the changing seasons, and late autumn/early winter is a special time because the fallen leaves take on an interesting washed out tone where the yellow and orange sometimes turns to pink and red like in these:


The colour combinations here are great.

Second lot of inspiration comes from a far more secular space: the lampshades in the Rooftop Restaurant at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford:


Very pretty, although no doubt a nightmare to keep clean.


6 thoughts on “Finding inspiration in different places

  1. Nice. Congratulations on your promotion! There is a lot in nature at this time of year to use for inspiration. I once did a small tapestry using autumn trees observed along the drive to the tapestry workshop. Still one of my favorite pieces I’ve made. The lights are pretty cool, though I agree with you about difficulty in cleaning.

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