Little Laura 6


This seemed like a nice Little Laura for Valentine’s Day (which happens to be my birthday), because of the little red enamel heart;


I like this one because the stitchery at the bottom of her skirt is the direct result of sketchbook work.

My dog loves going for a walk, but actually understands ‘walk’ as ‘stand about in the open air not moving for hours’.  Over the years I have developed a number of things to fill the waiting time, including taking photos and drawing when the weather is up to it.  On one walk I took some photos and then worked on them a bit when I got home:


It occurred to me when I was working on the pages that I could place Laura in the grass:


The grass is simple long stitches with some mal-formed french knots to represent seed heads.  This shows off the wonderful perlé cotton that is my favourite.  The sketchbook is an experiment in clipping together loose leaves with clip rings.  It is less robust than an ordinary sketchbook but allows me to move stuff around.  It’s also lighter to take with me to talks.

5 thoughts on “Little Laura 6

    1. Thanks for this – I haven’t received anything since November.


      Chair of SCOS, Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism

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    1. Ann,
      I’m a little concerned that you haven’t received both my emails yet. The reason I wrote to you was that our EG treasurer was concerned that you haven’t cashed your cheque yet. Is there a problem?

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