A Coffee and Collage Kind of Morning

I don’t often rebog, but this post struck a chord with me about feeling that pent up desire to make something – very strong when you get it, and it makes you miserable if you can’t find an outlet… And some nice collage to look at.

An Artist's Journal

This morning I sat with my coffee and created four new collages, which is a first for a while. It felt so good. As always, it took a little while to get a groove going, but it wasn’t as difficult as it often is. Maybe it was because I’ve had the pent-up desire to do some art for several days now. And it could have something to do with Spring Fever. This is one of those gorgeous, cold days, with beautifully budding trees and flowers starting to bloom, the birds singing, but a little too cold to be outside. So it was a perfect coffee and collage kind of morning.

After creating the new ones, I reminded myself of the folder full of recent collages that I never got around to listing in my Etsy shop, so I did that next. I feel better now.

Here’s a peek at…

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