My new toy

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On my trip to London this week I bought a Gelli plate. It’s a piece of soft plastic which allows you to monoprint really easily with acrylic paint. I bought an A4 sized one ages ago and never used it, but the little six inch one is great because it’s a good size to use in the kitchen where I do messy stuff. I used mine with a stencil and a rubber stamp and I got about three prints from each application of paint. I used sketch book paper, the paper they shove in handbags to pad them out, some thick tissue and some glossy magazine paper. It worked on all of them, but it pulled the print off the magazine print I was using as a mask. I might use them for collage, it I like the found landscape quality of some of them as whole prints. The next step is to use the gelli plate for fabric. It was remarkably easy to clean as well. There are some nice instructional videos on You Tube and Gelli Plates inc has a good Facebook site with lots of work produced by fans. It is pretty addictive and you have been warned.













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