Painting for No Apparent Reason

I thought you might like to see this blog about the compulsion to make and how your whole world goes out of kilter if you can’t.

An Artist's Journal

Window to Beyond -  Acrylic on Canvas, 16x20 inches Window to Beyond –
Acrylic on Canvas, 16×20 inches

I came across the picture on my computer yesterday.This painting was sold at least 6 years ago. I don’t see the picture often, but it was nice to see it again. It was one of my first very textural paintings. I think if you click on  it you will see more detail. I’ve made it my computer’s wallpaper for a while. For the past few days I have felt the need to paint. I don’t mean just the urge, or the impulse, or the desire to paint. But the need to paint. To paint for no apparent reason. Just for myself.

Doing collage and relief prints are ways to satisfy an urge to create. But for me, there is nothing like painting for taking me into a whole different place emotionally, putting me deeper into the zone. Springtime has kept me…

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2 thoughts on “Painting for No Apparent Reason

  1. It’s interesting, isn’t it, how many of us feel physically that we have to create. I wonder how many people do and feel frustrated and that leads to all sorts of personal and social ills.

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