Battered and bashed and a lump in the throat.

I am sure some of you will have had a very similar experience.

Chittle Chattle

Sorting some bits earlier I came across this


An old tin. Battered and bashed, but I knew what it contained. I lifted the lid


Sure enough the bits and pieces were neatly stashed inside – and there on top was the last piece of work, incomplete. It was the handy collection that my mother took with her when she travelled – so that she would always have something to keep her hands busy. I was prepared – but it still brought a lump to my throat – especially as the thread on top was one of my hand-dyes. I can remember the last time she took it on holiday – with us, to Wales. She opened and closed the tin, but couldn’t remember what she had to do with the things inside.

015The inscription on the bottom of the tin intrigued me, I’m not old enough to remember the name…

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2 thoughts on “Battered and bashed and a lump in the throat.

  1. I have my Grans old sewing box. It was very emotional going through it the first time, seeing buttons off cardis that she made for me as a child etc. its still a bit of a misty eyed moment now but in a positive way it reaffirms to me how loved I was.

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