A big 400th thank you



Amazingly this is my 400th post.  So rather than writing about my work, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who reads it regularly – and visitors, too.  It means a great deal to me when people come up and say that they read it and enjoy it.  I really do want to publicise my research with people outside universities and thereby show you want is happening with at least some of your tax.  I also want to share things that I love and pass on suggestions and contacts.   I enjoy making e-friends, some of whom go on to be friends in ‘real life’.  My blog is part of my life and work now, and I am very grateful for your continuing support.

Happy 400th posting.



6 thoughts on “A big 400th thank you

  1. Congratulations on 400! I appreciate how difficult it is to maintain a regular routine, and I enjoy your posts.

    Are you coming to Canford on Sunday? Please come and say ‘Hi’ if you are. We will be on the Winifred Cottage stand as always.

  2. Your blog is one of my absolute favourite reads. I find your work fascinating and inspiring, and I am very glad to have stumbled across it! Congratulations on your 400th post x

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