Invitation to my University of Bristol Workshop, November 2014


Every year the faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Bristol organises a week of events in which academics share their research with anyone who is interested and not just other academics.  It’s called the Thinking Futures week.  This year I am doing it.

It will be a workshop with two fantastic academics, Harriet Shortt and Jenny Hall, who both use quilting in their research work, one with hairdressers and the other in midwifery, and me in the morning talking about what we do and what we have found and showing our work.  In the afternoon we will have a sewing bee for charity and do some informal storytelling.

The event is free.  It is on 5 November at the Friends Meeting House in Bristol.  Refreshments, including lunch, are provided.

If you would like to come – and I really hope lots of you will, please go to the following webpage:


You will find the link to eventbrite so you can register.  If it won’t work, please let me know.

I hope to see lots of you and to hear your stories and see your work.


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