How I came to make my husband an Anna Calvi doll for Christmas


Oh dear, it’s nearly a month since my last post.  This was the result of a lot of travel and a lot of work before I packed up work for Christmas.

I am writing today about a doll that I made for the Medieval Historian for Christmas.  In the middle of December we went to see his favourite singer in the entire world, Anna Calvi, at St John’s, Hackney.  It really isn’t my sort of thing, but he is totally besotted with her.



We stayed in a really ludicrously trendy hotel in Shoreditch and I bought the MH a bar of the hotel chocolate as a souvenir, but it didn’t look like much of a Christmas present as it stood, so I initially thought that I would make him a Shoreditch hipster to hold it.



Then I suddenly had a brainwave and decided that it would be a better idea to make an Anna Calvi doll.  So, I made one of my usual rag dolls and dressed her in the same sort of thing that Anna was wearing at the concert:



I made her a top with embellishments down the sleeves:


And put the red flowers in her hair:


Finally, I made her a rather smart bag to live in, out of a remnant of fancy furnishing fabric:


I also gave him the toile that I made for cutting the silk blouse, but for some reason he didn’t want to get into playing dress up dolls:



In the end, I think it was his favourite Christmas present.

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