Quilt chic

deluxe-productFor my birthday I asked for a copy of the The Decemberists’ new album.  I am not a big fan, but I really wanted the CD for the cover, which looked to me like one of the wonderful nineteenth-century applique quilts which I have recently been studying.  It turns out not to have been a quilt, but a painting.  According to the website plans are in hand to make the two paintings into quilts and there is a competition to win them.  I would just like the pattern:


I think it gives a good indication of what these quilts would have looked like when they were new.  We are used to seeing the faded and worn versions, but they would probably have sparkled when the fabric was new.

On the subject of the old and romantically faded and worn, this is also taken from ‘popular music’.  I saw this poster last year and have been meaning to post it ever since:


Never mind Mr Mayer, let’s see more of the quilt!


I am fascinated by the way quilts are used to reference Americana, rootsiness and home.  If you want to suggest heritage, even if you are going to subvert it, get a quilt.


6 thoughts on “Quilt chic

    1. Well hello Beatrix the gatecrasher turned artist -I know you’ve- I am becoming an artist too perhaps this is a side effect of friendship with ann Rippin? Jxx

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