In A Vase On Monday—Snapdragons

This is a blog I follow, and I had to share the glorious reds in this post. It is always a lovely thing to see first thing on a Monday morning.


In A Vase On Monday - Snapdragons In A Vase On Monday – Snapdragons

In A Vase On Monday is a weekly opportunity to fill a vase using materials gathered from one’s garden and share it through Cathy’s Rambling In The Garden. Juggling a busy schedule today I almost skipped making a vase, but it nagged at me at bit. If Cathy could make the effort while away on vacation I decided I wanted to find a few minutes for one too.

Snapdragon Snapdragon

For many weeks the red snapdragons planted in the meditation circle have been simply a pleasure, but the color is heavy for this time of year. I purchased them last October at a greatly reduced price. The dark color, perfect as winter was coming on, now seems too rich and velvety for spring.

That said, there is little else to complain about. The snapdragons overwintered beautifully and are quite long-lasting indoors and out. I collected about 2 dozen of them for today’s…

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