Finger painting 1


I have signed up for an on-line lunchtime course on finger painting.  This is largely because I was so taken by the Richard Long finger print pieces in the exhibition on here in Bristol on his work.


I have enjoyed it so far, although I am way behind, because it has made me do things I don’t normally do like painting flowers.  The point is to do it with your fingers and only your fingers, and to paint them from life.  I suppose it was a bit presumptuous of me to start with sunflowers.  Van Gogh has rather cornered the market.  I bought a small bunch and had a go.  I used very heavy watercolour paper as I knew the substrate was going to get a lot of punishment.  This combined with a light touch trying to get all the wispy bits round the edge of petals led to some frankly uninteresting stuff:



The only interest in these is that they have a faintly fifties textile print charm to them.  As I became my usual heavy-handed self and used a lot more paint, the results got a bit better:


Finally, I painted the whole background first and this allowed the paint to go on more easily and made it a bit more controllable:


I quite like the result here, but it looks like a sunflower rather than this sunflower, the one in front of me.

I don’t think that these are particularly great, but they do show some experiments, and I think it’s good to share your mistakes and false starts as well as your successes and final polished pieces.

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