Fabric pictures of houses


Quick post today.

Yesterday was the first event on the schedule that I have drawn up with my visiting US quilt scholar academic, Marybeth Stalp.  As part of the workshop, I made up some packs for people to do some sewing who weren’t ‘self-identified’ stitchers.  I made some samples to show them what they could make with the packs and the extra materials I had provided.  The theme was around the domestic and what happens when your hobby turns slightly serious.  We had a great afternoon, and here are the samples, pictures of houses or homes, to go with the theme of the day:








4 thoughts on “Fabric pictures of houses

  1. It looks like your workshop participants had fun with this task – I especially love the little house with the 3 trees but they are all really rather lovely.

  2. absolutely adorable… excellent connections between dwelling and living, loving and quilting. Stitching as a way of dwelling… in spanish there is a lovely word called “morar” which can be translated as “li-being” but also is related to the world “amor” a-morar… .nice isn’t it? My friend Gloria Hoyos did a lovely dissertation about how people carry their houses when they migrate, she used a “radio ethnographic” methodology as people were describing their experiences of migrating and keeping only some few objects with them. When I came, what I truly held in high esteem were my lovely cotton bedding and two big hindu throws, they have been with me for ages!

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