The garden at Pomegranate Studio

IMG_0385So this is a bit pretentious… One of the things that I want the studio to be is an inspirational place and this includes the garden. Now this raises two problems. The first is that the studio takes up most of the garden and the second is I am a rubbish gardener with two dogs charging about the place. So, I have decided to put in features which don’t depend on botany. This is piece to go next to the bench. At the moment it is what is called a bird splash. I have never heard of these but apparently they are quite the thing. In the summer you/I can empty out the water and then it becomes a side table for drinks. It is also going to be a single bee hotel. Again, this is tricky – a bee hotel combined with a side table? but honestly, I have never known my attempts at housing helpful insects be successful. Also, I didn’t realise that they came as singles, but as well to be on the safe side. There will be more of this sort of thing.

One thought on “The garden at Pomegranate Studio

  1. When I was on my stress leave I spent so much time in the garden cleaning and pottering… I knew nothing of gardening -still
    I don’t- but it seems that cleaning and pottering are indeed gardening! I am sure you will get so much solace from pottering around that soon your garden will become!!!

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