Triple Writing



I was at a meeting yesterday where we were discussing our research and various ways of getting it out beyond a narrow academic audience, when my colleague, Deborah Wilson, introduced me to a new term: ‘triple writing’.  This means taking anything you write and writing it up three times for three different audience.  My first thought was, not more requirements – I have to be a great teacher, researcher, administrator, and now I have to address the community and change policy and ideally be on television like the bright young things with some sort of gimmick.  But as I thought about it, I do already ‘publish’ my work.  I put it in academic journals and do presentations at academic conferences, but I also do presentations to local groups, and sometimes further afield, I exhibit my work and I blog.  I am convinced more people read my blog than ever look at the more academic versions!  I suppose I could start writing for the quilting press.  any suggestions gratefully received!