Black Dogfish


Sometimes I just want to make things for the sake of making and this is a case in point.  It’s a fish cushion.   I had great fun making it, to the point where it almost made itself.  The pattern is by Mimi Kirchner.  I love her patterns.  They always have just a little something that lifts them out of the ordinary.  This pattern has funky fins which were a pain to attach.  This particular fish works, I think, because of the fabric.  The body is a remnant of cotton from IKEA, much lighter than the usual furnishing weight.   I think it suggests scales.   The head, tail and fins are made from a fat quarter which I bought at some point over the summer, but I have no idea where.  I can’t resist these big graphic prints:



These are very lightly stuffed and then quilted.

The eyes are buttons over little felt discs.  I used doll making needle that my mother gave me last year for Christmas.  Exactly the right tool for the job so the eyes are a bit recessed:


The orangey throw really sets off the colour scheme.  It’s a very cuddly fish