Well fancy that



If you saw yesterday’s post, you will remember that I am working on a blog improvement course set up by WordPress.  Today’s exercise was to look at the title of the blog and the tag line.  The title of my blog isn’t very exciting, but it does mean that it is easy to find.  The tag line is also quite dull.  The advice is to make it funny, or punning, or playing with a proverb or common saying, and I can see that would make it a lot more memorable, but my tag line ‘Academic Quilter at the University of Bristol’ more or less sums it up and I don’t want to change it.  But imagine my surprise when I looked at it and it said ‘Academic Quilter at University of Bristol.’  I have been blogging for, what, five years, and never noticed that missing ‘the’.  So, that’s one New Year’s job that I didn’t even know I had sorted.