Thirteen Notebooks for Walter Benjamin

This page is a support page to my academic article on a project I undertook in 2012 to make a series of thirteen notebooks for one of my favourite thinkers, Walter Benjamin.  These are pictures of the handmade notebooks.

The pop-up book

The Angel of History book

The Greek Slave Book

The Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction Book

The Montage White Cube Book

The Chicago Travels with Walter Notebook

The Do It Yourself  Montage Book

The Ways of Seeing Workbook

The Storyteller Notebook

The Collector Notebook

5 thoughts on “Thirteen Notebooks for Walter Benjamin

    1. Thanks very much and thanks for taking the time to comment. It just seemed very appropriate to make books for a book lover, and notebooks for a notebook lover in particular. I think that the love comes through the project which people seem to like.

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