We have a winner

You may remember if you have a look at this blog regularly that I joined in the Great BlogParty Giveaway.  Well, the winner has now received the mystery prize and so I can put up some pictures here.  It is quite a small piece – about the same size as A4 paper, and it is pretty much made of silk.  So, the ‘snow’ in the front is slashed silk, and the sky is a piece of silk dupion.

There are about five different very pale shades of silk slashed together to try to give that effect of snow in the dark.  I was quite pleased with the little house:

Which was a happy accident – it was only when I put the piece down on the background the wrong way round that it suddenly ‘worked’ – the reverse of the piece of fabric which had come off the embellisher was much more muted than the right side and being paler it receded and increased the sense of perspective.  A really good mistake!  I was also pleased with the trees which were from an ancient piece of pva fabric (you get a piece of plastic such as a polythene bag and  water down the pva and pour it onto the plastic.  Then you drop threads into it.  When it dries it forms a fabric which you peel off the plastic and which you can then use as it is or tear apart or cut into shapes or work into with stitch.  The fabric softens with age as it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere – weirdly.  Those of us who work with pva a fair bit might imagine that it is impervious to water, but it seems to go right on absorbing once it is dry.  Very mysterious).

At all events, the recipient was happy with the piece, which is what matters, and I enjoyed making it.  So everyone is happy.  I will be doing another giveaway, but not as part of an international event.  I would like to make something to give to regular readers of the blog.  I think possibly for the 200th post.

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