What I did on Sunday

The weather here on Sunday was absolutely beautiful, like a perfect English summer day, as opposed to late March which is almost always cold and wet.  So, after the household and familial duties, including taking the dogs for a long walk, I didn’t have that much time in my workroom.  I did some finishing off jobs, which is always satisfying, and I found a pile of four by two inch rectangles of yellow cotton quilting fabric, which I have an idea my Grate Friend Ceri cut.  I have no idea what they were doing on my work table, but my room is such a tip at the moment that all sorts of things churn their way to the top.

Anyway, I said a couple of blogs ago that I love anything on a yellow background and so I decided to lay them all down on a piece of fusible wadding and see what happened.  In the event I quilted a monstrous pot plant!  I have no idea where that came from either.  I was aiming for a sort of medieval illustration tree, but this came out instead.  I used the leaves to practise different filler patterns which was fun.  Again, I have no idea what a pea pod is doing in this but I just like embroidering them:

But the piece I like best is the pot and this was a useful experiment.  It’s one of the pieces of fabric that I was given at Christmas and it looks great with this lovely Sulky thread in purple and blue over it.

I will use that again as a design element.  Otherwise it was just good fun to make.

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