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Game of Thrones

I must admit that I know nothing at all about Game of Thrones.  I have never seen a single episode, and the Medieval Historian comes out in hives if we so much as brush against a boxed set in Sainsbury’s, but I think that I might have to have a look after seeing this fantastic website, as suggested by Judith, an old friend of mine from Bristol Quilters.  The website is Michele Carragher’s.   This website is very definitely worth a look if you are interested in costume and/or embroidery.  It really is glorious and Michele Carragher, the costume designer on the show who makes the wonderful embroidery is very generous with her ideas and techniques.  There is a lovely timelapse video of one of her embroideries.  You do not have to like Game of Thrones to love this site.

Thanks to Judith for putting me onto this website, although I might have lost a significant chunk of my life to catching up on the three series.

In case the link doesn’t work on your computer it’s

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