Craft in Utrecht



I was a bit surprised to find myself in the middle of a major craft project at SCOS last week.  SCOS is an academic organisation of which I am currently the Chair.  We were in Utrecht this year, and it was the annual dinner.  We have a very short handover ceremony and this year the Netherland organisers were bereft about Holland’s failure to qualify for the World Cup finals so we decided to give them ‘Best Organiser of SCOS 2014’ awards.  It fell to me to make the rosettes with what I happened to have with me and a couple of fat quarters from the excellent Carol Cox quilt shop on the main canal.  Not much to say except they really did need some spray starch when worn, otherwise I thought they worked quite well.,



3 thoughts on “Craft in Utrecht

    1. It’s in Nottingham next year – city of my birth! SCOS was particularly good this year, I thought. Very special atmosphere. Hope you can come next year. It follows CMS which is in Leicester so a very short train journey between the two.

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