Malvern Autumn Quilt Show


This is a quick photo post of the Malvern Autumn Quilt show that I went to today with my excellent friends Ceri and Alison. It’s quite a small show and so you could see it all easily, and you could get up to the traders for a change and really see what they had on the stall.

I took the new camera with me and couldn’t resist taking some arty photos.  The lovely bundles of tweed came from Quilting Antics, who also have a blog.  They thought it was hilarious that I wanted to take a photo of their fabric.  I had a nice conversation with them and they seemed to be my kind of quilters – ones with a sense of humour, rather than treating it all as a life or death issue.  Their blog is lovely and one very much for people who love to quilt.  Anyway, the photos:

IMG_0461 IMG_0460 IMG_0477IMG_0457 IMG_0454 IMG_0478





9 thoughts on “Malvern Autumn Quilt Show

  1. What beautiful photos – that is a fantastic new camera you have there, and it’s in the hands of a fantastic photographer. Good decision

  2. There was a trader at Festival of Quilts with wonderful Irish tweed too. I bought some pieces, and a roll of strips made from SILK tweed. They are absolutely scrummy, I thought I’d use them for a random-ish log cabin. Wool is lovely to sew with but you have to think about the seams (or leave raw edges). Wool must be “having a moment”.

  3. I think it is having a moment. Like you, I really love it, but it’s hard to work into things because of the bulk and the fraying. There are some nice cushions on the Quiltingantics website. I have just about got to grips with furnishing fabric – perhaps this is the next challenge. BTW loved your red windows quilt.

  4. Reblogged this on Quilting Antics and commented:
    I wanted to share this post with you all ahead of my own post later today. I will be posting pics of many of the quilts from Malvern, Ann’s post is so very different to mine with her lovely close ups. Also I wanted to say thank you for the kind words you wrote about us , you are right we do love a giggle and look forward to having many more with you x.

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