I have no idea what happened, but…


Beatriz Acevedo retablo, 2011
Beatriz Acevedo retablo, 2011



Very quick post today as duty calls.  Yesterday my lovely friend Beatriz and I had a business meeting at the Wellcome Collection in London and went to the fantastic bookshop and the stunning exhibition of Mexican retablos and an installation of charms and amulets.  I’ll blog about this separately because if you are in London you really should have a look at both shows.  Anyway, I was complaining of a sore throat and feeling generally under the weather and Beatriz said she would make me a retablo to Santa Ana to help my throat – which she did and here it is at the top of the post.  Well, I don’t know, but the moment she sent it to me via my phone I began to feel better.  It might have been my patent hot tea + cheap chocolate + painkiller and sitting back with my headphones and favourite music on the coach going home remedy that worked or it might have been Santa Ana.  Either way something worked and I love Beatriz’s portrait of me.  More on portraits soon, too…

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