Self-denial – not my thing, but I’m getting there


I am sorry that that there have been no new posts on this blog for a while.  I have been ill and therefore not blogging and not doing anything to blog about.  I did, however, think that this might be a good day to let you know how I am getting on with not spending any money on quilting supplies/art materials.  A whole month has passed…

Well, I am quite pleased that I have resisted a vast amount of temptation and have only bought things to do with Laura Ashley which is in the agreement and I have taken receipt of a vintage Laura Ashley tablecloth – and gifts were allowed.  I bought a little bit of Laura Ashley fabric at Bristol Quilters last month, and then a three-yard length at a very upmarket craft event in Wales.  There was a stall selling the most fantastic antique sewing odds and ends including some wonderful cabinet photographs which under normal circumstances would most definitely have found their way home with me.  But I was strong.  The stall also had a pile of Laura Ashley fabric for sale when my friend Liz went past, but for some reason it was stupidly popular and by the time I got there it had all gone except a piece of sugar pink check.  So I bought the lot.  I also have to admit I bought an antique doll’s dress for the quilt as well, which is bad.  Laura Ashley plc has just brought out some rather striking wall paper which has black and whiite vintage photos of the clothes on it which I cannot imagine anyone wanting on their wall, but which I can use in all sorts of things so I bought a roll of that.  But otherwise I have been very good.  I have been looking longingly at a Dremel drill, but it occurred to me that I could use the Cropodile that I bought in a fit of enthusiasm and have hardly used.  And I managed to find it.  Excellent.

So,this has been really hard, and I have missed shopping even in a month, but the house really can’t take much more.  And the bank balance is thanking me for it.  So, only another 11 months to go…





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