Work in progress – Little Lauras 1


My new project involves making a series of small panels of little Saint Lauras.  I started by making a biggish piece of machine-made crazy patchwork, using my faithful Bernina and the Singer my mother gave me which does a wide range of fancy embroidery stitches:


I made a large piece and then cut the small shapes out using steam-a-seam which I really like and much prefer to bondaweb.  I was using tiny scraps – which is the point of this work about preserving shreds of the past.  Some of the scraps are quite nasty late fabric and again I found myself transforming them a bit, either with an organza over the top or gold markal paintstick over the quilting:



I put in some bits of silk to give it more richness and depth.  Then I waited, cured the markal, set it with a heat gun, and started to cut out the shapes:


Entirely by chance I had been to a sale at Heartspace, a great gallery/shop/sewing class venue in Bristol, and had bought some old Laura Ashley fabric, the heavy cotton in the background here, so I could get on with the application of the pieces and their decoration, which will be the subject of a subsequent post.

I loved working on this piece, and just felt better in myself after I had stared to make something that I had been planning for some time.  Stitching is definitely good for my soul.

5 thoughts on “Work in progress – Little Lauras 1

  1. Wow! You are in a rush of energy… contagious! Are all these individual doll’s memories part of the female unconscious collective? I like the fact that each of them have different threads and sewings, memories that although shared or “cut from the same cloth” (is it also an expression in english, we say in spanish “cut with the same scissors”) yet they are individual. But also it makes me think about how I travel (emotionally) from Latin America to England through the conversations with my friends, and to be honest, there is always echoes and resonances that my two emotional geographies share. Go on my sweet Ann, clearly sewing suits and soothes your and our soul!

  2. Hi, I went to your talk for the Oxfordshire Embroiderers’ Guild last night and it was fantastic! Was lovely to see how you had developed the little Lauras, as well as all your other amazing work! We all felt it was very inspirational and now I just have to figure out how I can fit all I want to do in the limited time available! How do you manage it all! Please could you let me know where you obtained the faces for the Lauras, as the ones I saw did have faces and I’m inspired to do something along those lines……(I had created some crazy patchwork but didn’t know what to do with it, but I do now!). Thank you for your humour and inspiration!

    1. Thanks very much for your kind comments. I really enjoyed the evening – such a lovely friendly group. I get the face beads from It’s a Canadian outfit run by a lovely woman and they have great things. They often throw in a free gift and have nice arty stickers on the packaging. The only note of caution is watch out for the postage. Sometimes it seems to be free but it can be really steep and double the price of the goods. But definitely worth a look. Thanks again for your lovely message. Ann

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