No 1 in a series of quick posts of Little Laura panels


I haven‘t done much posting recently as I have been spending so much time on my day job, and I haven‘t had that much time for my Laura Ashley projects.  Plus in the dead of winter I don‘t feel that much like stitching in artificial light.  But I have been working on things slowly, including a whole series of mini–Lauras to finish off my big Laura Ashley piece.  I will be posting these more or less at random.  The first series are made by making a whole piece of fabric, a bit like a crazy quilt and then cutting the very simple shapes out – which I have blogged about before.  Here, basically are some of the finished things.

This one is quite a lot of needlecord with gold markal paintstick.  I wanted to get the effect of the icons you sometimes see with a printed cardboard face surrounded by lace or tinsel.  The faces on these are beads from – they are probably about half an inch or a centimetre high.  The Lauras are about six inches or 15 cms.

It was a big mistake to try to stitch through top fabric, bondaweb, wadding and furnishing fabric.  It made it hard to do many fancy embroidery stitches, but it did keep the applique very flat.

This series of photographs are taken with my new iPad, and I think that the quality is much better than the phone.  I hope they don’t take forever to load.

8 thoughts on “No 1 in a series of quick posts of Little Laura panels

  1. Dear Ann
    Yes, the picture took a while to load so I read your description first. I have to admit, “oh dear” went through my mind. The combination of needlecord, gold Markal, beads and Laura Ashley did not sound enticing, but how wrong I was!!!
    They all work together beautifully and do suggest an ikon, but in a novel and modern way.
    Ulrike xx

  2. wow the quality of these little panels is impeccable a bit less baroque than previous work, yet very rich and sumptuous! is this the rococo style? apros of the bbc 4 new series?
    can’t wait to see them all!
    I wonder how they will be assembled or configured?

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