My Collection of Books on Pattern and Textile Design

This is a very informative post. I would love to have time to do something similar.

Elaine Lipson Art

Writing this post is giving me a blog identity crisis. I miss having an active place to write about textiles (in addition to my Facebook Slow Cloth page) and I’m realizing I’m not satisfied with any of my blogs. Is the answer to have one blog that covers all my interests, and post often? I’m going to have to ponder some kind of reorganization, because I’m not writing enough.

But here we are. This seems to be the best place for now for this post — I’ve wanted to begin cataloguing my textile and art books for a while. I have a pretty great collection; my love for how-to books and art books goes back a long way. There can also a shadow side to this collecting: I had years when I wasn’t making much of anything at all, and somehow buying the books, and then becoming an editor for them, became my substitute…

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2 thoughts on “My Collection of Books on Pattern and Textile Design

  1. Interesting because I found that one was not enough. I need to keep my writings in their ‘boxes’, even if others don’t understand which box is which. I call them my filing cabinets….

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